Who Wants to Go for a Walk?

Get walk-in pet nail trim or teeth brushing services on the go in El Paso, TX

Does your pup need a quick pamper? When the schedule is packed full of chasing squirrels, bring your pet to Fur Babies Grooming Salon & Spa for a walk-in service. We have quick nail trim services, quick baths and teeth brushing services ready for in-and-out customers in El Paso, TX. That way Fido can feel his best and you can get back on the go.

Walk right in today for teeth brushing, nail trims and more.

Help Fido feel refreshed-even if you don't have time for a spa day

With walk-in service, it's easier than ever to get:

A nail trim

A quick bath

Teeth brushing

Anal gland expression


Foot cleaning

Ear cleaning

Breath sprays


Nail Filing

Ear Cleaning / Plucking


Deluxe Pedicure

Nail Polish

Hair Dye

Just choose the services your pet needs.

Get everything done in one trip. Bring in your furry friend today for walk-in services in El Paso, TX.

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