Your Fur Baby is in Good Hands

Help your pup relax and unwind with a pet massage in El Paso, TX

You love getting a massage-and so does Fido! At Fur Babies Grooming Salon & Spa, you can treat your good boy or girl to a relaxing pet massage in El Paso, TX. Our experienced spa staff knows exactly how to work out your pup's muscles so they'll feel relaxed and you'll feel like your fur baby is in good hands.

Our spa also offers nail trimming, nail polishing and ear cleaning services.

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Treat your pet to a cleansing facial

During an animal facial at Fur Babies Grooming Salon & Spa, we'll use all-natural blueberry facial shampoos that:

Remove dirt and odors.

Heal inflamed or infected skin.

Provide a pleasant, calming experience.

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